Mobile Anchor Points


Detech Engineering were engaged to develop a safe access system to maintain HDPE lined damn walls and floors. Damn walls can be hundreds of meters long and tens of meters deep, hence the mobility aspect of the solution was critical. To carry out repairs the client required the solution to suit AS 1891 for two operators and ensure that the system does not damage the liner.


A concrete block was proposed with certified lifting points for mobility and anchor points for personnel attachment. The blocks can be simply placed by either forklift (tyne channels cast into the blocks) or mobile crane into any required location. The anchor points are structurally bound to the internal steelwork which provides a secure location to work from.

Detech Engineering supplied, and can supply, these certified blocks which include QA documentation on the welding and structural integrity of the block internals. These can be used on all types of damns for access to piping or general wall repairs.  Additionally, suitable for access into other civil challenges and confined spaces.

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