Access Solutions


Clients are always presenting us with working at heights challenges to solve. Work areas often involve cooling towers, tanks, pressure vessels, crushers and a variety of building and roof environments. Each situation has its own set of unique constraints around limited space or exposure to specialised operational conditions (usually chemical).  In all cases equipment in the area must be accessed for operational and maintenance activities to ensure ongoing business requirements. Without suitable access the business incurs increased hire costs in conjunction with lost revenue.


Detech Engineering identify the primary needs of the client and tailor solutions to enable the required access.  This may require the use of different materials to handle conditions, particular designs to eliminate hot works during installation or an innovative access approach to simply deal with limited space. We provide 3D modelling to more easily explain the proposal to all stakeholders and support the change management approval. All solutions are appropriately design to the relevant standards: AS1657 for platforms or AS1418 for lifting boxes.  This includes organising and verifying the required proof testing.

Our Clients