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Site Closure Management

Site Closure

Site closure is a critical activity with a series of sensitive challenges. Detech Engineering is experienced at evaluating the scope required to effectively plan and schedule all the activities associated with each client’s needs.

Completion of site assessments to develop accurate budgets that achieve all statutory and environmental requirements.  In conjunction with the asset assessment and understanding of the infrastructure requirements for closure, the budget estimates include optimised resourcing. 

We provide third party due diligence reviews for closure management plans and the effectiveness of the infrastructure associated in achieving the plan.


Equipment Preservation, Care & Maintenance

Asset management strategy development for fixed and mobile assets. Determining the optimum preservation plan for care & maintenance equipment, through to detailed design and project management of cleaning and modification requirements.

Equipment preservation includes determining the future needs of infrastructure to support the site’s closure needs, including:

  • Fire Systems
  • Raw Water
  • Potable Water
  • Sewerage
  • Water Management Networks

Grinding Mill Preservation Project – $500k

Approximately 1,200T of grinding material had to be removed from three grinding mills in preparation for care & maintenance. Due to the variation in mills and general orientation, three different designs were required and separate teams were mobilised to complete the preservation of each mill as required by the client.

Evaporation Dam Dewatering Project – $10m

Located in central Queensland, the client had to pump a minimum of 120 L/s from a remote dam that is exposed to seasonal rain. An innovative ramp and channel system was designed and installed to minimise the need to relocate pumps and avoid costly pontoon arrangements.

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