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Asset Management

Asset Integrity Assessments

Detech Engineering provide fixed and mobile plant maintenance assessments that evaluate both the condition of the equipment and the integrity of the maintenance program managing its future. This enables a clear understanding of the potential for failure, ability to recover and a risk profile for the business.

Detech Engineering developed and use the Asset Integrity Assessment tool (AIA) to review maintenance practices and equipment condition across ten key categories, as outlined below:

  • Performance and Data Analysis
  • Resources and Facilities
  • Work Standards
  • Spares and Redundancy
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Planning
  • Contractor
  • Management

The AIA has been successfully used to reduce the consequence of unplanned downtime by identifying improved condition monitoring methods, appropriate stock levels for critical spares and development of failure recovery plans.


Maintenance Strategy to Optimise Costs

Detech Engineering specialise in developing maintenance programs for your assets, fixed or mobile. These tailored maintenance programs improve plant performance and reduce maintenance costs. This is achieved using a structured approach where the maintenance strategy (maintain on condition, frequency or not at all) is determined based on modes of failure and optimised maintenance plans developed as a result. Maintenance cost savings and improved equipment performance has resulted from these programs.

Detech Engineering have experience with developing preventative maintenance documents and plans for green and brown field plant, including optimised plans for care & maintenance.


Availability Improvement Projects

Detech Engineering can provide specific reliability based projects to improve fixed and mobile plant availability and reliability. One off projects or continuous improvement based work is agreed upon to resolve repetitive failures or complicated system improvements. Highly effective specific projects on mobile plant to improve uptime, reduce hose failures and improve plant availability through comprehensive changes to shutdown management in fixed plant operations. 


Shutdown Preparation & Management

Detech Engineering provides shutdown management and optimisation services. These are aimed at reducing shutdown durations, increasing the run time between shutdowns and improving the start-up performance of the plant from a shutdown. Key areas reviewed and improved through this service include:

  • Tailored use of condition monitoring tools to assist shutdown scoping
  • Shutdown Communication – All stakeholders contributing in the preparation
  • Shutdown Discipline – What’s in and out of shutdown scope
  • Feedback and Reporting structures
  • Quality Assurance Program – Hand back process

AIA Study & Action Implementation – $20k

Unplanned downtime reduced by up to 50% through appropriate pressure monitoring and filter cleaning, in conjunction with a specific failure recovery plan and site repair kit.

Mudgun Availability Improvement Project – $60k

Availability of the these mudguns was doubled from 41% to 83% over a 4 month project which included some basic modifications to thermal guarding and hydraulic maintenance to ensure effective operation of the equipment.

Shutdown Management Project – $90k

Increased plant availability by 1.5% through a 33% reduction in shutdown hours over a 12 month period. Previously the concentrator scheduled shutdowns every 8-9 weeks, incurring 6 per year with an average downtime of 60 hours. Over a 12 month project, this was modified to 4 shutdowns averaging 70 hrs. An overall reduction from 360 hours to 280 hours over the year.

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